VR Productions is a specialist provider of events services in Australia. We offer a full service facility specialised in the creation of all types of events and media content. Our experienced team understands each step of the process and works collaboratively with our clients to bring ideas to life.


We have recently expanded and are looking to fill entry level marketing positions in Special Events Promotions. We are focusing on building our new brands and expending supersonically. This position is Casual and allows you to be face to face promoting our events by building awareness. It is a commission basis job where you will be receiving according to the number of tickets you sell. We are looking for positive, polite and friendly attitudes. This gives you a foot in the door with new rapidly growing national company. We produce over 30 events during the year that vary from Nightclubs, Food Festival, EDM projects, Boat Parties, NYE, Brazilian Carnaval and much more.


Earn from $100 to $250 per event
Meet people from everywhere
Enjoy your time in Australia


Work closely with Event Managers to build brand awareness and increase retail sales. Team building of brand ambassadors and event teams throughout the event to provide key education. Social media experience through all platforms to engage consumers with fun messaging and pertinent marketing initiatives. Network with our targeted audience through colleges, accommodation, friends and others.


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